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In the past, pre-rigor pork was not readily available to fresh sausage makers outside of the Midwest U.S. due to time between slaughter and stuffing.  Calihan Pork Processors, Inc. can now offer butcher fresh pre-rigor pork anywhere in the Continental United States regardless of days in transit with no impact on shelf-life value - from the Heart of Illinois to New York City to Seattle to Miami to Los Angels.  Contact us about our process.



  • Extended natural shelf-life for fresh sausage

  • All natural - No nitrates No M.S.G. No BHA No BHT

  • Superior meat definition and texture within the sausage casing

  • Absolute best color/bloom in the casing

  • Increased water holding capacity and binding

  • Major reduction in spoilage microorganisms


  • Grow Market Share through better finished sausage product
  • Enhanced distribution options through a freeze/slack program
  • Reduce Packaging Costs Eliminate expensive Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Do away with gray, pasty, emulsified sausage appearance
  • Learn about Calihan Pork Processors, Inc. and our proud meat packing tradition
  • Discover Other Pork Products Calihan Produces

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